Lake 22 Again!

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And I'm back from another Seattle trip! And once again, we made a trip to Lake 22. We were actually planning on going to a different hike, but the ice and snow made it sound rather intense, so we decided to play it safe and go with Lake 22 again.

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Waimanu Valley and Waiʻilikahi Falls

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The Next Morning

I want to paint a picture that requires me complaining some more. Retracing our journey to this point, on the first day, there was a 2am wake up time to catch a 5am flight, a 9 mile hike with something like 3,500 feet in elevation change, and my legs were so tight and sore.

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Waimanu Valley and the Muliwai Trail

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18 miles, a mile and a half in elevation gain, a dozen gulches with some small streams, and two major stream crossings. That's the price of admission for Waimanu Valley. Well, that and the camping fees.

When my buddy Mark first asked me if I wanted to go on this hike with him, I was rather reluctant.

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Lauren for Hawaii

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The first site is up and I really couldn't be happier that the first site is for my long time friend, Representative Lauren Cheape Matsumoto. I've known Lauren since we were about five years-old. It's been pretty crazy growing up with her and then watch her go on to be Miss Hawaii and more recently, the State House Representative for District 45.…
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First post! I'm not too sure what I'm going to end up writing in here. It'll probably be alot of random walking around town shoots. Hopefully, it'll be at least mildly interesting. Check back soon!…
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