From Waialua to Kaena Point

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So I guess this is going to be my first real blog post. Yay for not being lazy! I was planning on making my first post about the website I'm working on right now, but we're not quite done yet, so I thought I'd post some pictures instead. I don't want to divulge too much information right now, but we wanted to incorporate some background images, so we went around the Waialua/Mokuleia communities to snap a few shots.
Edit - Yay! Sites up.
First stop, the windy Kaukonahua Road. It really was a beautiful day. Nothing much to see here except for green grass and blue skies. 20140426-IMG_6567 Got a cool shot of a tractor at work. 20140426-IMG_6578 And then it was onto the old Waialua smoke stacks. After nearly a century of producing Hawaii's finest sugar, the smoke stacks are now home to North Shore's finest... soaps!20140426-IMG_6624 20140426-IMG_6613 And onto Mokuleia we went. I can't remember where I saw this, maybe it was engagement photos, but I always wondered where this was. 20140426-IMG_6638 Stuck around to watch some planes take off.20140426-IMG_6706 And some gliders! The gliders are tied up to the back of the planes, the plane gains speed, gets them both up in the air, and off they go!20140426-IMG_6712 20140426-IMG_6715 20140426-IMG_6717 20140426-IMG_6724 I wanted some shots at Kaena Point. Such a long drive. 20140426-IMG_6731 My buddy Matt. Looking at... idk... something. 20140426-IMG_6742 And it was back to Waialua we went. Home of the world's best sugar... and soaps! 20140426-IMG_6791

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