Lake 22 Again!

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And I'm back from another Seattle trip! And once again, we made a trip to Lake 22. We were actually planning on going to a different hike, but the ice and snow made it sound rather intense, so we decided to play it safe and go with Lake 22 again. Same stuff, except four months later and about 50 degrees colder. Oh how cold it was.

At first glance, the start of the hike looks pretty much the same as last time.. maybe just a little more damp. One difference is that the sun doesn't peek through the trees in the winter. The Northwest has some weird sunlight. The sun was rising around 7:30AM and setting around 5:00PM. I don't think the sun ever gets high enough to cast some rays in this area.

My lens would always fog up too. I was digging the effect it had on the pictures.

Shooting up into the trees with some weird white balance.

My buddy Wes taking it all in.

Another similar view from last time. This time with some snow capped mountains.

Things were getting a bit more and more cold.

And the payoff! It really was beautiful. The lake was partially frozen over, but it probably wasn't strong enough to walk on. I did just check out some Instagram posts though, and the lake seems to be completely frozen right now.

My buddy Matt trying to find a nice place to walk around.

Where we ended up setting up. If you look really closely, you can see where the lake sort of transitions over from a thin layer of ice to water.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed this little before and after post of the hike!

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