Lake 22, Washington

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And I'm back! Just returned from what I'm going to call a work related trip from Seattle. More details on that later!

While I was there though, a few friends and I decided to take a short hike to Lake 22. It's about a 5.5 mile hike with 3,000 feet in elevation gain. It's a really nice hike. It's not too long, not too short, but juuuust right.

Lake 22 was established in 1947 to study an old growth of western red cedar and western hemlock forest setting. At the end of the trail, you're rewarded with a beautiful view of the lake surrounded by some shear cliffs.

It might be a Washington thing, but first you'll need a pass to park by the trailhead. I'm assuming the fees are used towards the maintenance of the park and I must say, this trail was probably the best maintained trail I've ever been on. More on that later.

The foresty trailhead.

On a geeky side note, I wanted to challenge myself on the trip, so I only brought prime lenses. No zooming for four whole weeks. So I used my 28mm f1.8 going up and my new toy, the Samyang 14mm f2.8 coming back down.

  • Possibly some of of that red cedar. Loved the texture in the tree. This first one was taken with my 28mm.
  • For some compare and contrast, this is a different tree but this was taken with the 14mm. That lens has some reach!

A little less than a mile into the hike, you're treated with what I like to call Lake 21 and a half. There's a really nice bridge that spans the length of this stream. Thank you Washington Parks and Rec!

The trees provided some really nice cover.

A large chunk of the trail is also lined with logs like this. I assume it's to help keep the trail from eroding. I thought it also made traversing the trail a lot easier.

About two thirds up the trail, the forest cover disappears and you're out under the beaming sun. On this day, the temperature was probably in the high 80's. It's okay though, because when you turn around and look back, you get a pretty spectacular view...

I get irrationally happy when the clouds in the sky are super nice. On this day, it was like the clouds created a rainbow in the sky. I got irrationally happy seeing this.

The scene also provided a nice backdrop for some picture. My friend did not oblige though.

And a little farther up from there is the great lake...

Beautiful view. You don't see this kind of stuff in Hawaii. From front to back, the lake is almost 2,000 feet long and it's about 1,100 feet wide. There's also a nice path to the left to explore more of the lake.

Flowery weeds. I didn't realize how ridiculous I looked while taking this picture, but you don't see this stuff in Hawaii!

Me taking the picture above, perhaps. Photo courtesy of my buddy Brett.

A heart shaped rock 💕

Once we got around to the backside of the lake, Brett went up and climbed up on this hill of rocks. Made me wonder what he was taking a picture of so I turned around and snapped this...

One of those "Oh Dayum!" views.

Then it was time for our lunch break. Here's the gang scarfing down some chicken banh mi. You know, what thing that really pleased me about Seattle was how cheap the food is up there. We got these sandwiches for like $3 each. Good deal in my book.

And of course, we had to document the evidence that we made it to the top.

Fast forward to the end. Recovering on a dirty, yet sturdy bench. That is all.

Be sure to also check out some of my pictures of Lake 22 in the wintertime.

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