Lauren for Hawaii

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The first site is up and I really couldn't be happier that the first site is for my long time friend, Representative Lauren Cheape Matsumoto. I've known Lauren since we were about five years-old. It's been pretty crazy growing up with her and then watch her go on to be Miss Hawaii and more recently, the State House Representative for District 45. The timing really couldn't have been better, as she needed a new campaign website for her campaign, and I was looking for some projects to work on. As we talked, we really wanted to make this website connect with the community. Area-wise, Lauren's district is huge. It starts from Mililani, runs through Waipio Acres, then Wheeler, Schofield, Kunia, Waialua, Mokuleia,and finally reaches the tip of the island at Kaena Point. We thought it'd be great if we could make the website more personalized to each community by using photos from each community as background images throughout the site. We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to stay connected through social media, so we made a sticky footer with easy links to sign up for email updates, or to follow Lauren on Facebook and/or Twitter. On the backend side, when you're representing a district of over 30,000 people, not to mention all your supporters that live outside of your district, it's hard to keep everything organized. That's where NationBuilder came in. NationBuilder is a service that helps campaigns and nonprofits organize their supporters, donations, and events. It allows campaigns to accept donations, create calendars for events, send email blasts to your entire "nation", or even send a personalized "Thank You" note to specific individuals. All in all, it was a lot of fun working with Lauren on this, and I think I can say that we're both pretty happy with how the site turned out. View Lauren's Campaign Website More Details on the Build

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