Representative Lauren Matsumoto wanted two main things for her 2014 campaign website. First, Representative Matsumoto wanted the website to really connect with the community. So we used photos from throughout the district as background images, and we made easily accessible links to sign up for updates through email, and to connect with Lauren through social media.

The second thing that Representative Matsumoto wanted, was to integrate the website with NationBuilder. NationBuilder is a service that helps campaigns and nonprofits organize their supporters, donations, and events. So whenever someone fills out a contact form or a donation, it automatically gets entered into the NationBuilder database, next, that person gets tagged with needing follow-up, and a point person can easily respond to them. The next question was, should we use a template or should we make something from scratch and then incorporate it into NationBuilder? After some deliberation, we decided that although there would be a bit more work and time required with making the site from scratch, we thought that it'd be worth it in the end. And I think I can say that we're both really happy with the end result.

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Key Features

  • Fully customized build from scratch
  • NationBuilder integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Personalized background images and headers
  • Fully responsive design for all devices

Fully Responsive

Breaking it Down

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