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Oh the overwhelming and slightly annoying amount of political mail you receive during the election season. It’s necessary, I’m told. I’m being facetious.

Seriously though, I found this to be a very challenging project. The goal was to send out a new mailer about every two weeks or so for three months. Each mailer had to carry the “brand” so they knew it was from Lauren, but at the same time, each mailer had to look distinctively different so people wouldn’t look at it and think, “Didn’t I get this one already?”

The process always started from scratch. We’d sit there and try to figure out a layout, figure out what message we wanted to convey, and figure out what kind of pictures and graphics we needed. Once we had our plan, it was off into the community. It was always interesting meeting and talking with people. There was always a lesson to learn from everybody ranging from the small business owners, to the educators, and to the residents in the community.

After all the pictures were taken and the content written, it was time to make use of that Adobe subscription that I pay so much money for. Every photo was color adjusted and fine-tuned in Photoshop and Lightroom. The vectors were mostly downloaded and edited in Illustrator. Then every element was carefully placed and laid out in InDesign. After we were 100% happy with the mailer, it was off to Reskyu Printing. They always did a great job with turning around the mailers as quickly as possible at a very affordable price.


The Final Mailer

The Last Push

The Education Mailer

The Recipes

The Big Endorsements