Waimanu Valley and Waiʻilikahi Falls

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The Next Morning

I want to paint a picture that requires me complaining some more. Retracing our journey to this point, on the first day, there was a 2am wake up time to catch a 5am flight, a 9 mile hike with something like 3,500 feet in elevation change, and my legs were so tight and sore. I wasn't in marathon shape, but how I felt the day after was comparable to how I felt the day after the marathon.

So there I was at 5am the next morning just laying in the tent. There was very little in me that wanted to get up for sunrise, but then I thought, I came all this way, I may never do this again, so get your butt up. I'm so glad I did. I ended up getting my favorite picture from the trip (the picture above). Every once in a while, I'll be somewhere and think, God, this is so beautiful. Watching the sunrise alone on a black/greenish sand beach with the ocean mist spraying up, masking the mountain. It was unreal.

A not as nice panorama of the view from the beach. I should probably work on this picture more.

  • The view from our campsite. I was digging the ocean spray and the shadows cast on the rocks.

  • Mark and Ben drinking their cup of joe.

After breakfast, which consisted of bagels and nutella (a first for me!), the gang taking a quick dip in the stream. Later in the day, we decided to try to find Wai’ilikahi Falls, which you can see on the right side of the picture. More on that later.

So off we went in search of water and the waterfall. Everything is so picturesque. This is what it looks like right after you leave the campsite. Estelle decided to take a photo so I decided to take one too.

The ground is just covered with kukui nuts. It makes a cool clacking noise as you walk on them.

Sort of along the way, you'll pass the stream where everyone gets their water from. It's kind of hard to see but there's a PVC pipe there that makes it a little easier to fill up your water. Mark went with a hand pump water filter. I decided to go with iodine.

  • The view from the inside was also cherry.

  • Making our way to the waterfall.

About an hour into the hike, you can start to hear the waterfall. You'll end up hitting a small stream, which will lead you to the falls. A little farther in, you can start to see the waterfall through the top of the trees. Gorgeous.

Wai’ilikahi Falls

This picture really does not do this waterfall justice. This thing is HUGE. This waterfall is actually broken up into two parts, so this is only the bottom half. But altogether, the full height of the waterfall is over 1,000 feet!

I didn't jump in but the water looked pretty gosh darn cold. Mark also dragged Estelle under the waterfall which resulted in a pretty funny GoPro video, but I have no link for that unfortunately. Ben said I need to photoshop his farmers tan out. Someday Ben!

  • On a camera nerd tangent, I was using a lens with a 27mm full frame equivalent focal length. This is what I was able to fit in one frame. Also, be sure to bring something to wipe your lens with. I had to wipe mines every couple of shots.

  • Some cool rocks.

Then we headed back to camp, started heating up our dinner, and played some scat 31. I'm gonna post a picture of our dinner. Mark brought some dehydrated corn to boil with the rice, which I'm sure ashamed my ancestors, but you know, I gotta admit, the chicken curry really hit the spot.

Then it started raining, so we called it an early night. We knew we had a long day ahead of us.

Day 3 - Hiking Out

After a night of rain, we were greeted with the sight of a few new waterfalls. I didn't really take the time to appreciate the view though. I was a little nervous about our journey back. Ben had a flight to catch that night and I didn't wanna be the reason why he missed it! I have to apologize. I didn't take my camera out until we got back to Waipio Beach.

And 6.5 hours later we were finally back at the beach. A two hour improvement over our hiking in time. And by us, I really mean me. I was slowing everyone down. But whatever. We made it! Well, almost. We still had to get back up the steep road to the lookout.

A little side story about this supposedly pregnant horse. We were standing around eating some food when this horse decided to come over and see if we were willing to give her some charity. We didn't, but I did have the top of my pack open. So instead, the horse started sniffing my pack, reached in with her tongue, and grabbed a ziploc bag of raisins. You can get away with alot when you're pregnant and you're a horse.

Anyways, we were really dreading walking back up the hill. Thank God we had Estelle though. She found us a couple of guys to give us a ride back up to the top, one of those guys being Micah. Micah, wherever you are, I owe you some beer.

And here we are, all muddy, scratched up, and mosquito bitten, walking back to the art gallery where we parked the car. It kind of felt like we were taking a victory lap as we walked back on the asphalt in our slippers.

All in all, it was quite the adventure. Made it back safely and had some good times with some good people. Until next time!

And if you haven't already read about the start of our journey, you can read about it here!

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  2. I think this might be my favorite blog post about hiking Waimanu. Great photos. Your ‘okina is upside down, though.

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